NP Dodge Supports Abide Omaha

12/05/18 by NP Dodge Marketing/Advertising

The NP Dodge sales office at 501 N 148 Street in Omaha (148Dodge) has chosen Abide Omaha as their special holiday giving place for 2018. Each year the 148Dodge office inspires each other through giving to one charitable program. 

Abide Omaha will receive all of the wonderful support 148Dodge can provide. The agents at the 148Dodge office really connected with Abide's mission statement which focuses on developing healthy neighborhoods. Many families living in Abide adopted neighborhoods lack the resources to provide Christmas gifts for their children in a dignified way. With this help, families will be able to purchase gifts they choose at a very reduced cost at the Better Together Christmas Store, hosted by Abide on the Better Together Campus.

Abide Omaha

An inner city, non-profit organization with a dream, that one day, Omaha, Nebraska would have no inner city. Our mission is to transform the inner city, one neighborhood at a time. Abide provides a holistic approach that focuses on developing healthy neighborhoods through four main areas: community building, family support programs, housing and partnerships

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